“Our company is called Brenner Builders for a reason,” explains Kevin, a long-time Westchester resident. “I am involved from the beginning when I meet prospective clients to the end, when we hand over the keys to a new custom home. But, our relationships with homeowners rarely end at that point. They continue as clients maintain their homes, renovate or even build subsequent homes.”

Client satisfaction and environmental awareness drive Kevin’s dedication to building long-lasting, superior homes that are energy-efficient. “Sustainability requires building a product that will endure, while constructing an energy-efficient house means thoughtfully specifying and implementing the exterior building envelope,” he continues. “What’s greener than building a product that will last and will limit operating and maintenance costs?”

A graduate of Binghamton University, Brenner put himself through the New York School of Podiatric Medicine by doing small carpentry jobs. When he was awarded his residency, he decided to follow his passion into the field of construction instead. Twenty-five years later, that dedication to the construction business is evident in the enthusiasm of his staff. “When Kevin asks us to do something, he knows what his request entails. He’s done it himself and knows the right way to get it done,” says one long-term employee. “If he can’t find someone to do something to his standards, he’ll do it himself. Building his own custom millshop and home energy rating company are the perfect examples,” adds another.

Brenner Builders is one of a select group of highly respected home building companies operating in Westchester and Fairfield Counties. Staff and clients agree that Kevin is primarily responsible for the company’s success. “In the end it comes down to the fact that I really care. I will always be there because I like to be part of the process. I will still strap on my toolbelt to get the job done, if necessary,” he explains.  A married father of three grown children, Kevin is an NAHB Certified Green Professional and Energy Star HERS Rater. He also holds four Building Professionals Institute certifications.

Kevin Brenner